What is membership?

As a member of Higher Trails, you are leasing a horse.  This horse is leased to you only . Occasionally the horse may be used by a guest rider, for Equine Assisted Learning or for Equine First Aid instruction.  

What does the lease include include?

The leasing of a horse includes all  tack (we suggest you have your own helmet), feed, farrier, and vet fees. Of note, all our horses are bitless. 

What facilities are available?

There is a heated tack room/lunch room, a stable for tacking up, an outdoor arena, round pen, and a small Quonset for training out of the weather. 

What else is included?

There is group training on Saturdays during fall/winter, and in spring/summer training is Wednesday evening.  This is open training available to those who want to join, it is not required. The arena has equipment that make for fun training opportunities for individuals or groups, a teeter totter, pedestal, "car wash", soccer ball, etc.

For teens, we have a Young Rider program. They meet Sunday afternoons for instruction, riding, and building leadership skills.

Where do you ride?

The property is 90 acres which includes a creek that is great for riding across.  As well up the road is Crown Land with access to a huge riding area.  Riders often get together to ride, check fence lines or do training.

What is the cost?

Cost is $490 plus GST for adults, $390 plus GST for youth.